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of all types of Chemical Earthing Electrodes with installation Services.

Lightning Arrester-Conventinal-ESE-Early Steamer

our products are manufactured using high quality material which has benefit for long Term and value for Money. Chemical Earthing is the process of safe Path to the earth for high magnitude current by means of maintaining Low resistance To earth In case of a short circuit in Electrical System or leakages arising Due to failure of insulation of equipment’s.

Shockproof Earthing System is one which has good earthing system with low resistance to earth by using high conductive material. This material should withstand high fault current and have a long life. proper Earthing System works fast enough to discharge high current to ground.

proper earthing system Protects Life from Electrocution, protects your Equipment failure without any break down of your Plant.

Our supplied Electrodes are manufactured with High Quality of materials that can safely dissipate high magnitude of fault current to the ground. Our earthing electrode with excellent conductive materials Safeguard your complete Electrical System.

we also provide services for desisning of earthing system as per IS 3043.

We offer competitive prices and excellent services to our client for having long term relationship. We have a growing presence in the market with our complete Earthing solution Committed to meet strict deadlines and excellent Quality Of work for our valued customers.

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Chemical Earthing Electrodes

Supply of all types of chemical earthing electrodes

Installation Services

Provide Best Solution for your Installtion of Earthing System

Testing Services

Testing of new and existing earth pits for earth resistivity of earthing elctrode

Lightning Arrester

Supply of all types of Lightning Arrester conventional and earty steamer with lightning arrester acessories

Lightning Arrester Installation

Complete Solution for Lightning Arrester Installation Services

Earthing Design

Provides Earthing Desighn for Residential Comercial and Industrial Electrical System.


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Safeone Earthing Provides Complete Solution for Chemical maintenance free Earthling. Services Related to supply of all types of Earthing system with installation, we believe in High Quality of installation of services So that our customers should get long Term Benefits and value for Money With full satisfaction From Our services..Chemical Earthing is the process of safe Path to the earth for high magnitude current by means of maintaining Low resistance To Earth In case of a short circuit in Electrical System or leakages arising Due to Failure of insulation of Equipment’s.

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Frequently Asked Questioned.

Lightning arrester is a simple metal rod made of alluminuim or Galvanized iron which are installed at the top of the structure of comercial,residential buildings it is elevated above the existing structure so that when lightning strikes it falls on the lightning arrster which is grounded to earthing system

Differant types of lightning arrester are conventional lightning arrester and Eearly streamer lightning arrester,

Conventional lightning arrester are simple metal rods having protection raduis of 10 to 12 mtr

Early Streamer lightning arrester are advance type lightning arrester which has more coverage then conventional arrester

Chemical Earthing electrodes are Earthing electrodes which are used for Earthing applications in electrical system for Discharge of electrical current to the ground in case of insulation failure of equipment or fault current in the electrical system.

This Earthing electrode is used along with the mixture of Bentonite powder graphite and Carbon which is called chemical earthing or ground enhancement compound.

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