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GI Strip in pipe Earthing Electrode

¨       Gi strip in pipe earthing electrodes are galvanised with zinc coating which prevent corrosion.
¨       This electrodes have GI strip inside pipe.
¨       Strip runs continuously around the pipe for fast discharge of fault current.
¨       Filled with conductive compound between pipe and strips to withstand heavy fault current.
¨       Can be customized as per requirement.
¨       Manufactured with high grade and superior quality of material
                                        Specification of GI Strip in Pipe Earthing Electrode


Pipe Dia (mm)

Length (M)

Terminal Size

Inner Strip (MM)





25 x 3





25 x 3

¨       Chemical Earthing are widely used in electrical Earthing application.
¨       Has long life and low conductivity as compare to conventional Earthing.
¨       Maintenance free which doesn't required any water.
¨       Low resistance ohmic value which is maintained for long duration without any changes for years

             Available in 

             GI Earthing Electrode:-GI strip in pipe earthing electrode / Gi pipe in pipe earthing electrode



¨       Maintenance free no need for pouring water.
¨       Less space required for installation.
¨       Less exposer to corrosion due to zinc coating.
¨       Having good conductivity.
¨       CPRI tested.
¨       Quick Installation.
¨       Can be customized as per requirement.
¨       Long Life up to 8 years. 


¨       Residential and commercial building  
¨       Electrical equipment’s and meter room.
¨       Diesel Generator Set for body and Neutral.
¨       Lightning Arrester.
¨       Electrical Substation. 

Down load chemical earthing electrode drawing

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