Major Services we provide to our client.

Supply and Installation services for all types of earthing system

Supply and Installation of earthing for Substation residential & comercial buildings CNC machines,Printing Press,factories

Boring services for earthing.

Supply and Installation of lightning Arrester system for High rise residential & comercial buildings/Villas/Factories.

Earthing Design as per Standard IS 3043.
DG Earthing and Power cabling/Termination.

Soil Resistivity Test.

 We do soil resistivity test which helps in earthing design and to find out the resistivity of soil according to ohm-meter.

Different types of soil have different soil resistivity at various location across the globe.

Soil resistivity test is helpful to derive how much electrodes required for getting specified ohmic value this test is performed before installation.                  

                             Wenner Method.

Wenner method is a four point test method most widely used for soil resistivity mesurement.

Earth Resistivity Test for installed Electrode.


We do Earth resistivity test for already installed earth Pits and new installed earth pits with digital earth testing meter.
Testing of earth pits periodically is very important at least once in a year.
Electrical system functioning depends upon your healthy earthing system.
Hence resistivity of earth pits should be checked periodically.
unnecessary break down of your system which stops your prodution or short circuit due to leakage current accur due to insulation breakdown and if this leakage current is not discharged through proper earthing system there will be a chances of breakdown of equipment,electronic components etc to avoid all this a proper earthing system should be implemented.